How to Change a Diaper on a Plane

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How to Change a Diaper on a Plane

Anybody see John Legend’s Pampers commercial about the different diaper changing positions for dads?  If not, stop now and redirect your attention.

Paying tribute to the legend himself, here are my very own three diaper changing position recommendations on a plane. 


The Floor Seat

This little trick is primarily recommended for unusually tiny humans.  Squirrel your way off of your own chair (preferably not during takeoff or landing), and spin around with your shins on the ground, facing the back of your chair.  Lay your kiddo on the seat itself and use that as your changing table. Again, maybe 5% of humans can even fit in this position. So good luck.


Lid Lounge

Carry your squirmy baby into the already minuscule lavatory facilities and first attempt to close the door behind both of you.  Put the toilet lid down and set baby there. Then, try to bend over and change that crappy diaper without bumping the door back open with your butt.  It’s a feat, but I believe in you.


Aisle Runner

Screw everyone else on this plane.  I care nothing about your senses. This baby’s nasty ass diaper is getting changed in the middle of the aisle because that is what is most convenient for me.  Thank you and you’re welcome.


As you can see, there are options for accomplishing this task on an airplane, but they aren’t cute.  Start by praying it doesn’t have to happen at all, and resort to one of these delightful strategies if absolutely necessary.


Happy Flying!

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